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A Whole School Approach to Student Wellbeing

The wellbeing landscape of the Trinity College Colac "incorporates all aspects of school community life from students' physical, intellectual, moral, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and development to the safe and supportive environment in which they learn". (Catholic Education Office)

Promoting positive student wellbeing is vital in fulfilling our vision for Trinity College to be a vibrant learning community, where our students are inspired to reach their potential in a happy and supportive environment. Our students will be nurtured, inspired and challenged to be their best and to develop positive relationships as their springboard for learning. Trinity College promotes student wellbeing as central to learning and learning as central to wellbeing.

Positive student wellbeing:

  • fosters sound mental health
  • builds resilience and optimism
  • promotes motivation and connectedness to school
  • improves student educational outcomes.

Since 2014, Trinity College has adopted the MindMatters framework for a whole-school approach to student wellbeing. This initiative is underpinned by a holistic school approach, which

  • fosters caring relationships,
  • creates opportunities for authentic participation and contribution,
  • establishes a culture of high but achievable expectations,
  • supports social and emotional skills and spiritual understandings.

The wellbeing support systems for students at Trinity College are multi-layered:

  • Classroom teachers work with students in a respectful, empathic manner.
  • A student's Homeroom teacher is the initial point of contact for any concerns or issues.
  • The Year Level Coordinator provides additional support, management and follow-up on students in their year level.
  • The role of the Director of Students encompasses both behavioural management and student wellbeing issues across all year levels.
  • Trinity College students experiencing physical wellbeing issues are cared for in the Sick Bay.
  • Students who require assistance for other significant wellbeing or welfare issues have access to our Wellbeing Officers in the Wellbeing Centre.
  • We are supported by, and networked with, external professionals.

Should students or families require additional wellbeing support, please feel free to contact any of the following agencies:

  • Colac Youth Hub - 5232 5520
  • Kids Help Line - 1800 551 800
  • CASA (Sexual Assault) - 1800 806 292
  • Jigsaw (Mental Health) - 1300 094 187


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