Colac Victoria Australia

Trinity College - Colac

Weekend Events

Saturday, October 28 - Gala Performance

Concert in the new Jubilee Centre commencing at 6.00pm. Music performances by old collegians and current students featuring the new grand piano.

Former teacher/librarian, Helen Paatsch, launches the commemorative publication of the history of Trinity College.

The Jubilee Centre will be open at 5.00pm for viewing, with refreshments provided. Memorabilia will be on display for everyone.

There are a maximum of 300 seats available and bookings are required for this free concert through,
or via Trinity College reception


Sunday, October 29 - Mass and 'Back to Trinity'

11.00am Mass at St Mary's Catholic Church, Colac.

12.30pm - 3.00pm Drop into Trinity College and see how it's changed.

1.00pm Formal Welcome in the Jubilee Centre.

Performances throughout the day with light luncheon available. Memorabilia displays, tours and activities.