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Time Capsule

After finding a photo of Rahni Buchanan, College Captain 1992, burying a time capsule, a decision was made to see if we could find it in the lead up to our 50th Year Celebrations.  Following consultations with Rahni and Mr Don Spalding, former groundsman, the exact spot was located.  Word got around about the plan to dig up the time capsule and this event created a great deal of interest.

In mid August, in the presence of Rahni, Jacinta Langdon and Emmalie Cain (who were also Year 12 students in 1992) and surrounded by a gathering of current College Captains, Year 12 students, Year 7 students and a few other former students and current staff, the excavation began.

Mr Greg McKenzie and Mr Brian Menzies, current groundsmen, were grateful that the ground was very wet and reasonably easy to dig. Finally, out of the murky gloom and sloppy muddy water, the capsule emerged, exactly where it was supposed to be!The time capsule dig 

The contents inside the capsule were in a black plastic bag. Rahni, Jacinta and Emmalie emptied out the contents and, whilst not actually wet in the capsule, the contents were damp and very smelly. Mr O'Farrell, Principal, read one of the letters at random, much to the interest and delight of those present.

Time Capsule

The contents have now been dried and sorted. In the capsule were letters or writings from students or staff in 1992, two class photos (8B and VCE Red B) and a $5 note. Ben Crook, a Year 9 student in 1992, provided this interest as he had included the $5 note. Ben had included this because, when the capsule was prepared, Australia had just gone to plastic notes. Maybe, in years to come, this old paper note will be worth something more, though the interest it provided on the day and weeks after it was dug up, were worth more than money.

Time Capsule Contents

Efforts have been made to locate some of the students who contributed to the time capsule and some have responded now, with interesting reflections about what they wrote as students. In the first week of Term Four, some of the original contents of the capsule will go on display. Scanned copies will also be displayed around the school.